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Notification to The Outer Church

I had originally set up this community to build my own religion, or at least, to lay the foundations thereof. It has gone through several changes since then, and I do not apologise for any of them. I am going to move the community back over the next few weeks to it's original purpose, once I decide on the most efficacious manner in which to do so. I would like to ask all of you at this time to re-consider your membership. Many of you have been very insightful, and I appreciate that greatly, but what I am considering doing may be at the best, uninteresting to most of you, and at the worst, offensive and or distasteful.

SO, I'm offering another "Get Out of Jail Free Card" for everyone. If you are not interested in converting to my new-born religion, then simply say nothing. I will remove you from the community when I re-format, and there will be no onus, obligation, or hard feelings on anyone's part. I will more than likely keep everyone informed as to my doings here in my main journal, so if you are merely curious as to how it's working out, rest assured you can look there.

If you decide to stay, I can promise you that I will be a harsh taskmaster. I will hold expectations for you as high as the ones I hold for myself, and I will not apologise or be diplomatic in my demeanor. There will be lessons to be learned, and examples to be made. It will not be pleasant. I advise each of you strongly to avoid such a decision, as I cannot beheld responsible for the changes that may occur both here, and within your own life as a result thereof.

I would at this time like to thank all of you for your participation and your perseverance, and, as I said, regardless of your decision, I will continue to wish you well, and look forward to hearing your input in my main journal.

I will leave this notification up for two weeks, at which point I will take it, an everything that has been posted previously, down, to clear the way for the New Order.
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