Vovinoiad (vovinoiad) wrote in theouterchurch,

Discussion: Moral Outrage.

Three links to read as preparatory material.

First: From the Alaska Journal: Daughter arraigned on murder charges.

Second: The young lady's last Livejournal post: Just to let everyone know, my mother was murdered.

Third: The comments in the young lady's art journal: I live in Alaska, a very small town which I'm sure most of you have never heard of.

Discussion topic: Moral outrage.

Familiarise yourself with the subject, and then read over the comments to the last posts. Take note of individual's reactions to the scenario, and to each other's comments. What do you see as the prevalent "moral outrage" in the scenario? What are your thoughts and opinions on the various statements made in defense of and excoriating the the subject?

Important note: The actual case itself is not the focus of the discussion, but the reactions TO the case by outside observers.
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