M. L. Rambaud (misformurmur) wrote in theouterchurch,
M. L. Rambaud

Elemental sympathy.

This is part of a journal entry I made a while back, but I re-read it and it got me to thinking...

I went swimming a few nights ago. I went swimming by moonlight. I almost went skinny dipping, but Dad was still awake. It was wonderfully cold. It's been a long time since I've been swimming. I crawled in the pool slowly. I walked to the deep end. I let out all my air and sank to the bottom. Then I began to breath the water, just like I always have. I became a sea creature kept in someone's pool. In the water I was graceful and smooth, cunning, sinister. Out of the water I was crustacean like, quick but ridged. I floated on the surface in a crucifixion pose and drown my brain for a few minutes. I stared at the moon and she stared back at me. We winked at each other because we both knew we were the same. Avasulactimate Techichillion Escarot is our name."

So, I was wondering if any of you have an Elemental sympathy. Mine is obviously water, even though I'm a fire sign. But, it makes sense, I was conceived near a stream and I was born in a place called Lake Havasu City. I could swim before I could walk (and that's not an exaggeration and walking came right after). I have always had a great love and feeling of connection with water.

Anyway, what is your sympathy if you feel you have one?

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