Vovinoiad (vovinoiad) wrote in theouterchurch,

Heresies : The Ordo Astaroth-Astarte

There is no separation between "Mind", "Body" and "Soul". All three are integral parts of each other, and one cannot exist independently of the other two.

The key to freeing all three is to experience as much as possible.

All that matters is experience. The greater the variety and extremity of experience, the better.

No single experience is "good" or "bad". Pain is every bit as valid an experience as pleasure.

Terms of morality and ethics are cultural-specific and malleable. In the greater scheme of things, neither morality or ethics have any real meaning.

To seek out new experiences of greater and greater extremity is the greatest aspiration.

To avoid an experience due to the restrictions of current mores and ethos is the only sin.
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